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Tree ID:


Mango Tree

Tree Age:

50 to 60 yrs

Mango Tree
Near Mohsin Hayat Steel Works


Near Mohsin Hayat Steel Works




Kulhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Tree with traces of lichen and steel sheet nailed on its bark

Google Map Link:


Brijesh Rawat

Birds Observed:

Not observed

Season of fruiting and flowering:

Not observed

Threats (If any):

A steel sheet is nailed on its bark which may cause damage due to the rusted nails. Also under threat due to road widening plan.

Tree Condition as on date:

17 September 2021

Tree Registration Date:

18 September 2021

Healthy as of now but at risk

Notable Contributors

Brijesh Rawat

Notable Stories

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