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Tree ID:


Pilkhan (Ficus Virens)

Tree Age:

70 to 80 yrs

Pilkhan (Ficus Virens)
Opposite to South Indian stall,  next to play ground, Patel Nagar


Opposite to South Indian stall, next to play ground, Patel Nagar




Shiv Colony, Patel Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India

This majestic Pilkhan tree is one of its kind in Patel Nagar and nearby areas. It is commonly addressed to as "Peepal ka ped" by the localities due to lack of tree knowledge among city folks. However it does not deters the love it receives from everyone. From stray animals to humans, the majestic tree makes a makeshift home for all. It is also considered the most effective landmark when it comes to giving directions since merely walking under it in any weather feels like an out of world experience (not an exaggeration, see it for yourself). It shields living everyone, be it non living entities like cars from every extreme climate. In sundry afternoons, street vendors resting underneath it is the most common sight which beautifully depits its love for its people. It is also considered as a great hang out spot for a conversations and be it children or adults, everyone loves to be around it. It is also considered as a lifeline for mostly concretized Patel Nagar. It is one of the oldest trees of the Dehradun, cherished by the old and young alike

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Niharika Mehra

Birds Observed:

Common sparrows, Himalayan bulbul, raptors

Season of fruiting and flowering:

Threats (If any):

Road widening or beautification might be a threat in near future.

Tree Condition as on date:

14 September 2021

Tree Registration Date:

15 September 2021


Notable Contributors

Niharika Mehra

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