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Citizens' Register of Heritage Trees

Dehradun is the place on Earth we call home. If it is to be saved, our trees must survive. Trees of Dehradun is a citizens register of heritage trees of the Doon Valley. It has been created because every conservation effort, we believe, has to begin with documentation and listing. Here is your opportunity to participate! 


Through this register, we hope citizens will prepare their own inventory of the most precious assets that we have - our trees. We have lost so many of our dear friends in the recent past and it is time to stop. Come, document trees near you in this user friendly way, and very soon you will realise you have become a protector of our clean air and ecosystems. All you need is a smartphone!

*People in the following locations (on map) have recently registered heritage trees based on landmark/area addresses.

*Only verified registrations have been shown on the map below.

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"Ecology is permanent economy."

Sunderlal Bahuguna

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